The way to survive in the age of 100 years of life. Learn new language.

When I sat down to think what to write about, there was a call for help from mother. She had some trouble in the washroom.
“Oh, this is too much. Such tough, for the first time.” Of course not the first time.

Around three-month interval. This way, she bothers me. Can’t concentrate on my writing. Still she is important to me. Because she has brought me up? Yeah, somewhat. Because she makes meals for me. No way. She burns the beef. I make meals every night for her. Her brunch is bread&milk. Fruit and Oronamin C drink are the routine food in-between meals. She gets vitamin C from them, which might make her look younger for her age.

Mother is important to me because her pention has helped me a lot. Taira, 3rd son, stayed in Kyoto for four years to spend student days. My pension was not enough for supporting his Kyoto life. Taira knowing this, he had said he would do part time, which he didn’t when he saw the money I sent him.

Anyhow, I have to move on. Move on to what? Oh, I may be following suit mother. Wake up my brain. OK, got it. “Why I started to learn Thai language”, this is today topic.

I decided to learn Thai at the summer of 2012 when I took 6 Japanese students to participate in ASEAN plus 3 conference in a private grade school, Bangkok, Thailand.

I was retired at the time. Plenty of free time. So Thai language. Since then 10 years have passed learning the language through Skype.

  1. It gave me chance to talk with Thai young women, mostly in Japanese while my friends have been less and less as I have got older.
  2. I’ve got something to do, without which my everyday life would be chill out.
  3. To think over Thai grammar. I don’t know Thai characters, just listen to Thai teacher, one day I realized my senile brain was trying to figure out the grammar of each sentence like the baby’s.
    That, I believe, may be activating my brain.
  4. Thai language to use to realize my dream of staying at Phuket Island when I reach “my old age”.
    Dream for tomorrow should give us something to live for.

at Patai Udom Suksa School Summer of 2012