Why didn’t Putin make any move against Odessa Tragedy May 2 in 2015?

To stay away from the confusion in Ukraine may be the answer to the question. That was the view of Mutsuo Mabuchi, former Ukraine Ambassador of Japan.

Mabuchi said, at the time of Odessa Tragedy, “Putin didn’t make any military intervention then. He had tried to keep a distance as much as possible from Ukraine.” He knew Deep State had been planning to finish him. He wanted to keep the national asset to Russia, not to be taken away by the Jewish globalists.

Odessa tragedy



However, this view should be quite different from that of the Western and Japanese media. As Mabuchi said, 90% of the ordinary Japanese would not believe his view.

Putin knew what had happened at and after the Libyan revolution and US Iraq war. Captain Kadafi and President Hussein were killed and their countries where people had lived in peace were left in total confusion in the aftermath. Those cases must have been deep in Putin’s mind.

Kadafi and Hussein were nationalists. They wanted to keep the nations’ territory, which didn’t allow the globalists to get inside to exploit the national wealth of those nations like oil.

Putin was well aware of the scheme of Western globalists, often called Deep State or Wall Street, which wanted to oust nationalist Putin from Russia. For this, the western media had been continually blaming Putin for some reason or other.

Here, many of you might be reminded of Trump. D. Trump did not say that he was anti-globalist but used the phrase, America First, instead. He didn’t support “New World Order”. By “America First”, he meant that each nation should work hard for their own nations.

Moet Fukada said that the present Japanese politicians did not work for people but for the New World Order globalists, selling Japan through privatization of the country assets. People here harshly criticize Putin, but not globalists, not knowing where they are going?

Neocon inside the US Administration has long been working for creating confusion in their target countries. Please view the following video where US bureaucrats were discussing a plot to intervene Ukraine in 2014.

Nuland: [Breaks in] I think Yats is the guy who’s got the economic experience, the governing experience.

Victoria Nuland Assistant Secretary of State.