We are boiling frogs not noticing we are.

Even the pro-CCP Japanese media reported Shanghi lockdown. But no reports on countless coffins of the dead who died of hunger or suicide as well as of the covid-19.

Shanghai crematoriums are in full operation
Workers unable to return home, working around the clock   https://www.epochtimes.jp/2022/04/105134.html

NHK, Japan’s only public broadcast, has employed applicants of any nationality. Those agents from CCP stay at the Asahi and the other major newspaper companies. They go to the directors straight when they think the on-air program is not “proper” or has “too much truth in it”. (???)
Japanese people relying on the western news media criticized Russia only. According to a recent poll, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has been gaining popularity for having announced financial assistance to Ukraine. People watch sad scenes every day on TV broadcast by the media. Poor Ukrainians, bad Russians.
This has been repeated in recent history. Trump was crazy, a facial mask is a must, it is the duty of the Japanese to go get vaccinated for other people. Kids should take vaccines for their grandpa and grandma.
In all of these cases, those who disagree with the mainstream media are labeled as “heresy” or “strange”. The canary in the mine can’t be heard in this country?
We are frogs in warm water, very comfortable. Gradually heated up, but not notice it. Then finally, the end, period.
Outside the world, there are people and nations who support Ukraine and there are the people and nations who support Russia. Now in all the other countries, wearing facial masks is not a “must” anymore. We are still wearing them in the shopping mall or when walking alone on the country road.
They believe their country has been much better in containing covid-19. They are proud of Japanese cleanliness. Many of them still believe Japan is richer than many other countries. Even when the Japanese Yen’s recent drastic fall was reported, many of us seemed to think “It’s none of my business” or someone would do something for us. This way we may be heading for hell.