Putin will give “go sign” to attack Finland and Sweden? Ниет!

I was surprised to learn that some conservatives who had supported Trump were pleased with the most recent news of possible NATO membership of Sweden and Finland. Russia was sending its troops to the Finnish border, which prompted Sweden and Finland to apply for NATO membership. Understandable?

Alexander Stubb: I think the decision on Finnish NATO membership was taken on February 24, at five o’clock in the morning, when [Russian President Vladimir] Putin attacked Ukraine. That’s when the public opinion basically took a 180-degree turn.

However, NATO did a flying exercise with Sweden and Finland.
Allies practice air interoperability with Finland and Sweden

Finland and Sweden could join NATO quickly, Stoltenberg says

These words and the air force exercise of the West would force Putin Russia to do something to hit back. Putin had made it open that he wanted to defend Russia from the West by neutralizing Ukraine. Why did Putin send the troops to the Fin border? He thought that NATO might get into Russian territory at any time. To defend Russia is his top priority, not to invade other countries to exploit their national wealth, unlike Wall Street.

The present Ukraine Russian war is very simple when we give a fair judgment. Deep State was planning to get into Russia at the expense of Ukraine people to exploit the wealth of Russia.

Putin has not ordered to crush the underground shelter in Mariupol where 1,000 people were hiding. Most probably many of them should be Russian Ukrainians. By any chance, were they there trapped by the Azov Battalion?

Mariupol is located in the eastern part of Ukraine where Russian residents are said to be the majority of the population. After all, Putin decided to invade Ukraine to defend those Russian Ukrainians as well as to save the national wealth of Russians from the Western vulture investors.

How about the following shocking statement?

Moscow has deported 500,000 people from Ukraine to Russia, a leading member of the parliament in Kyiv told European lawmakers on Wednesday, calling on the Red Cross to establish contact with those missing.

The battlefields were mostly in the east and the south of Ukraine. 500,000 people in the other areas could not be taken away to Russia. If that had happened, the Western media would not have been silent. Then, were those deported people Russian residents in the eastern and southern Ukraine? If that were the case, can we take it this way? They might have been taken away for their lives, to escape from the Azov Battalion?

We can’t say at this point whether this deportation of 500.000 people is true or not.

However, one thing is clear to me. Putin had had no intention to invade Finland and Sweden. He just wanted to defend Russia from the West. It is just the opposite that is more probable. The West, primarily US, wanted to lure Putin to the battlefield. Putin knew that, but he thought he had to. Maybe I’m wrong because history said that the winners had always been right.