Would you like to live under the Great Reset World? Putin would not.

I don’t. If you think that way as I do, then you would understand him if Putin should press the button of the nuclear weapon.
According to BBC News, Putin said, “To anyone who would consider interfering from the outside – if you do, you will face consequences greater than any you have faced in history.

Putin is on record as saying that a world without Russia is not a world worth living in.

Is Putin a man of his words? Yes,
he has been so.
Poland and Bulgaria have never dreamed of a Russian gas embargo on their countries even when they rejected to buy gas in Ruble.

Gravitas: Russia stops exporting gas to Poland & Bulgaria


Ukraine invasion: Would Putin press the nuclear button?
Let me begin with an admission. So many times, I’ve thought: “Putin would never do this.” Then he goes and does it.

“He’d never annex Crimea, surely?” He did.
“He’d never start a war in the Donbas.” He did.
“He’d never launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.” He has.
I’ve concluded that the phrase “would never do” doesn’t apply to Vladimir Putin.

And that raises an uncomfortable question:
“He’d never press the nuclear button first. Would he?”


Many specialists on the Ukraine War said Russia or Putin would soon be over because of the Lend-lease Bill passed by the US Congress.

Many Ukrainians are reported to make a u-turn to Ukraine to fight against Russia. They and the other Ukraine troops with new military weapons loaned and given by the US and other nations might push Russian soldiers back to their country. Then Ukrainians would be happy. But Deep State would not.

They will not stop there. They will not stop till Putin is forced out of office. Then Russia would be in total confusion like the other African and Middle East nations interfered with by the CIA and Deep State.

Putin said “ a world without Russia is not a world worth living in.” I ask myself, ”Great Reset is the world worth living in?

PS: What would China do if Putin should press the Nuke button. Most probably stay out of the world crisis to get the lion’s share?