Are we prepared for the World War III?

The following writing is based on Ryoko Shaku at Speech Channel of the Happiness Realization Party.

The endless Ukrainian war, a sign of World War III

When you follow the following websites, you will easily understand that the US wants Ukraine to continue the war with Russia even though the latter wants a ceasefire.

Nobody except those who have got money over the dead bodies of ordinary people wants to extend the war. Many world leaders know what has been happening in Ukraine and hate the USA. We access only Western media but there are many anti-US media in countries other than G7 nations.

CIA and US Administration have long used the Azov Battalion and other neoNazi groups to persecute Russians in the East of Ukraine. This horrible violence against Russians has been done to pull Putin out to the war against Ukraine, which they succeeded in.

Biden、the man who ” helps the weak and defeats the strong”, helps poor Ukrainians by fighting against cruel Putin with tons of military aid. Nice picture of Biden for the 2022 and 2024 elections. In order to realize this, “No ceasefire”, “no peace”, by the Nov. election.
Because of the proxy war, Americans don’t have to go to the battlefield except for those who go fight as volunteers or mercenaries.

To support Russia, North Korea might join the war in Asia or more precisely in the Far East so that the US has to divide the troops to the east and the west. If that happens, Japan will be involved in a proxy war with the States. Japan, especially, Hokkaido, would be the battlefield.

The majority of us support Ukraine and US without thinking that the “hell” might be in store for our country. We should raise our voice for a ceasefire in Ukraine like the Turkish foreign minister who had almost succeeded in mediation for a ceasefire.

April 20
Turkish FM says some NATO states want the Ukrainian war to continue

April 24 at Kyiv Declaration of war?
Blinken, Secretary of State, and Austin, Secretary of Defense, met with President Zelensky. These US secretaries on foreign and military-related affairs flew to Kyiv on behalf of President Biden who was unable to go due to his health problem.

April 25 In Poland
US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin has said he hopes Russian losses in Ukraine will deter its leadership from repeating its actions elsewhere.

(Later he retrieved his words).

April 27
Lavrov Accuses NATO of Waging Proxy War in Ukraine, Warns of Nuclear War

Russia’s war against Ukraine rages on. The U.S. and Europe continue to support Kiev. But it doesn’t bring about peace. Rather, the allies are prepared to back the Zelensky government as long as it fights Moscow to the last Ukrainian—which has always been the West’s approach to Kiev.