“Gag Moet”? What and Why are they afraid of? TSMC scandal?

US Administration now knows that Japan leans towards China rather than America. Especially in the field of the semiconductor business, Japan has shown little sign of collaboration with America. The fact is that Japan’s partner for developing semiconductors is China through Taiwan.

Can you believe this? The semiconductor is the most critical product to enhance military power. Why does Japan cooperate with its enemy country which has been threatening to invade Japan?

China claims Japan’s Senkaku Islands and vows to seize them in a “short, sharp war,” if necessary. China’s successful seizure of the islands would shatter the Japan-America security alliance and severely undermine U.S. credibility.  

Taiwan’s business practice with the government funds is said to be the 20% kickback from the recipient company to the politicians who worked on the trade.
If that is the case, Japan’s LDP big shots might have received or will receive lots of kickback from TSMC on its foundry construction project in Kumamoto.

The Japanese government is to give 500 billion-yen tax money to TSMC and its 20% might be in the hands of LDP politicians?

And now power semiconductor tech to Taiwanese UMC? Japanese source of income, one after another to China thru Taiwan?
One high-ranking bureaucrat of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said that the Japanese business alliance project on developing the memory industry ten years ago has been a complete failure and that the failure showed the alliance of domestic tech companies cannot lead us anywhere.

There must be some forces working behind the scenes. The order to gag Moet may mean what she has said would be the bomb to open Pandora’s box?

Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry visits the States
Aiming to eliminate China through Japan-US semiconductor collaboration?