Genocide at Bucha was found to be done by metal darts. French special investigators team reported their investigation results.

I wrote this based on Yukihisa Oikawa’s YouTube channel.

The media suddenly silenced a tragic event in Bucha, Ukraine

US and British media followed by the Japanese media like the Mainichi said the genocide at Bucha was done by Russians while Italian and Spanish media reported it was done by Ukrainians.

You could judge which did which by checking the following media reports.

One thing which I thought interesting was that the investigation was done by the French crew. I thought that the French government wanted the ceasefire against the will of Biden US. The EU economy would have to take critical damage without the gas from Russia.

Will this startling research be spread all through the world? If that happens, US will have to agree to a ceasefire. This is a proxy war for Biden US who are interested in their election in 2022 and 2024, not interested in peace for the Ukrainian people.

1. the Mainichi (translated by MT)
“This is hell.” No questions asked, shot dead, daily rape, the testimony of Bucha citizens.
The city of Bucha near the capital Kiev (Kyiv), where more than 400 people, mainly civilians, are believed to have been killed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Shooting at non-resisting men, sexual violence against girls, debilitating death due to lack of water and food. All forms of “crime” emerge from the testimony of the inhabitants. One month after the withdrawal of the Russian army. The reconstruction of the quiet commuter town is progressing little by little, but the survivors have unhealing wounds.

2. New York Times
They shot my son. I was next to him. It would be better if it had been me.

3. the Sun
Inside ‘Buchers of Bucha’, including proud dad, pro dancer, and

4. CNN
In Bucha, Ukrainian families mourn the war’s youngest victims as investigators probe war crimes

5. Italy (Translated into English by MT)
Toni Capuozzo returns to talk about Bucha, almost a month after the bodies were found in the street, from the images that changed the reaction of the West to the war and from the questions raised by the historian.
However, Capuozzo also adds a detail. “In recent days, a novelty has emerged that has not been picked up by the Italian press: many of the dead (in mass graves) the coroners would have found darts that come from cluster bombs, so they would not have been killed closely, but by bombing “. Whose? Russians or Ukrainians? “If the Russians had occupied, then it could have been the Ukrainian bombing,” Capuozzo speculates. But there are no certainties on this. Only questions, the ones that must always continue to be asked.

6. mpr21 Spain (Translated into English by MT)
Metal darts have been widely used since 2014 by the Ukrainian army against the population of Donbas. They were found among the 122-millimeter caliber D-30 shells found in the positions of the Ukrainian artillery abandoned by the military in the Lugansk People’s Republic