What I do to kill time in my retirement.

It has been already 12 years since my retirement. My third son was to start the 6th grade in elementary school at the start of my retirement. Since then I taught English and math together with his friends for four years.

Strawberry planted in my garden by my sister
We will have to do something to survive the ongoing food crisis.

What else did I do to spend my second life or kill time? I moved to my hometown to take care of my mother.

I went to learn the Korean language at “Mindan Wakayama” or Wakayama Branch of the Korean Residents Union in Japan. There I went to Karaoke with my classmates. Since then I started to sing Karaoke songs for the first time in my life. Recently I started to join a karaoke group for senior citizens which is held every Thursday.

Then I started to enjoy Korean TV dramas. Participated in the Korean speech contest five times.

After I quit Mindan, I restarted the Korean language on Skype. In addition, Chinese and Thai languages are on Skype as well.

Then I realized that I had time and people to talk with though I lived in my hometown without close friends.

People often talk that they are lonely without friends to talk to or play with after retirement. However, in my case, I have to concentrate on my Skype lessons every evening. . If it were not for such time to concentrate, I would spend lonely evenings just watching TV.

I watch YouTube in order to learn how to take care of mom in addition to picking up some ideas to fill my daily blog in English. I learn also the way to anti-aging as well as a healthy diet. Too many things to do even after retirement, aren’t it? Or, rather because we have much more time to do for ourselves, there are things we can do, which we thought we couldn’t when young.

One day, I was shocked to see blood in my urine. My doctor told me that he would have to check my bladder with an endoscope. It sounded severely painful. I checked the Internet and knew that it would not be painful when I could relax during the operation, which I did. Within 30 seconds, the doc “shouted” “perfect clear” without any sign of blood.

As I wrote before, mom stopped incontinence after I changed her breakfast from milk to red sweet soup (Zenzai 善哉). Every day I have to fix things like these but now I’ve started to feel confident with the help of the ocean of knowledge online.

Pandemic, I decided not to get vaccinated after I checked the Internet even though my family doctor tried to persuade me into vaccination, especially the importance of vaccination of my old mother.

Though we live in a country, I took mom frequently to a crowded shopping mall. So far no problem.

And now, the present big issue is the food crisis at the time of inflation. I decided to grow a Japanese millet just to try or for fun. I bought some utensils to work on it. Since I’m a novice at gardening, it will take some time to “harvest” food. “Just try” or “do things before think” is what I do and failed many times. But I believe doing something is better than doing nothing.