Genocide by Azov, not by Russians? testimonies of journalists of several countries at the UN meeting

I learned another story about the violence of the Azov Battalion from Yukihisa Oikawa’s YouTube channel.

Yukihisa Oikawa ; on U.N. Security Council held 2022/05/06  Evidence of the Azov crimes was presented by a French journalist to the United Nations

He talked about a French journalist, Anne-Laure Bonnel, who had been following what’s been happening for eight years since the Maidan Revolution of Ukraine which subverted the pro-Russian government.
Her video shows the Russian residents’ situation in Donbas. In the following United Nations meeting, journalists of several nations made their presentations in addition to French Anne-Laure Bonnel.
The unofficial meeting of the U.N. Security Council was opened with the request of the Russian government. 2022/05/06

Donbas – 2016. Documentary Anne-Laure Bonnel – English Subtitles

A Bulgarian journalist talked about “Criminal silence and the civilized world”. She had been threatened not to speak at the UN meeting. Her country supported Ukraine with the money to buy weapons. She accused US of supplying Ukraine with weapons to kill people, not the food and water people there needed.
She said, “I will never be able to come back to my homeland Bulgaria If I took participation in this meeting.”

You could decide which side should be sentenced to war criminals based on the data and materials available, not based on your bias.

1. Anne-Laure Bonnel
before my second intervention at the UN as a reporter-witness of the tragedy in the Donbass. A complicated but necessary meeting because only dialogue, and
diplomacy in this institution that works for peace can allow an end to the crisis.

2. Anne Laure Bonnel YouTube

3. Anne Laure Bonnel YouTube with Japanese subtitle
4. Anne Laure Bonnel

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