Breaking news: Canadian military officer was arrested getting out of the Azovstal steel plant mixed with freed Russian Ukrainians

The breaking news that Trevor Cadieu, Canadian general, was captured when he tried to escape from Metallurgical Combine Azovstal early this month.
I learned this news from Yukihisa Oikawa YouTube channel.

Canadian military officer and biological weapons hidden at the Azovstal Steel Plant by the Azov Battalions.

As is usual, the news unfavorable to the Western media is unavailable here in Japan.

Anyway, I checked the English websites and found an interesting site for me as a former teacher of English.

This site has a voice button so that students can listen to the article while reading the text. Since such breaking news will attract those who have a desire to learn, they may access it by themselves apart from the classroom. Thinking this way I lost no time sharing the site with my former colleague. Once she said the Azov Battalion should not be so violent.

My former colleague responded to me saying that the article might be too difficult for her students and that she has been using NHK’s radio text. She is a very good teacher in that she has always been searching for good readings for students.

According to Yukihisa Oikawa Russia had told Ukraine to release the Azov fighters in the factory under the condition of leaving their weapons. Russia said that the Azov wanted to go to the countries they wanted, not to Ukraine or Russia. However, President Zelenskyy was said to ask the Azov fighters to do their job to the end. This means the presidents wanted them to fight to die.

Hence the following rumor. Zelenskyy may want to see all of the Azov fighters to be dead. After he got into the office, he tried to persuade them into establishing good relations with Russian residents in east Ukraine. However, he completely changed his stance to support the Azov and other neoNati groups. He might have been threatened with death by those fighters. The rumor that Zelenskyy may want all of them to be exterminated by Russians may have come from this reasoning.

What would the Azov and other groups be without a human shield which had already gotten out of the Azovstal steel plant? It would be difficult for Russians to give them free tickets to the countries at their request. What would happen if the terrorists like them should be freed in the world? Russia will be criticized if they did so.

One question still remains. Why did Zelenskyy or more precisely NATO agree to establish the humanitarian corridor with Russia? Ukraine and Biden America are so humanitarian? The US wanted to continue the war at the sacrifice of the Ukrainian people. The only possible reason should be that they wanted to have a Canadian military officer, Trevor Cadieu, get out of the Azovstal steel plant. He was an expert on biological weapons. The world will see that it is Ukraine or US, not Russia who had been developing the dirty weapon.

So far, Putin seemed to know better than to fall for the trick of Biden US which may have him use nuclear weapons or destroy the Azovstal steel plant together with a human shield.

The picture was shown at the UN security unofficial meeting on May 6.