How to “make” smart students through English education

Many conservatives in Japan often criticize the mainstream media for their liberally biased views. This may offer us a unique chance to motivate our students to study English if we could show them the materials which present different viewpoints from those of the mainstream media.
1. Students will know the importance of studying English to know the truth, which can’t be catered to in the Japanese media.
2. Students will be trained to use their brains to know the truth by comparing the different media, English or Japanese.
3. Students will be happy to know what others don’t.
4. If the differences between the liberal media and the media of the other stance are clear, especially in the hot news, students’ curiosity will be intensely heightened.
5. This way, students’ information interpretation will be deepened as well as their English ability.

One of the present hottest issues should be Ukraine War. The Western media reports only a one-way view accusing Russia. However, a British website shows quite a different picture of the war. Students curious about the world will go for it and will be smarter people who can see the world with their own brains.

Is the following video, fake or fact?
Arestovich Ukraine President’s advisor