What to do for the coming food crisis?

The seeds I planted sprouted. This was my first action to prepare for the coming food crisis. I know I can do little for the crisis but I feel I can’t wait for the day. Then I remembered my dad grew “Satsuma” potato to make up for the poor household budget.

That was around the eight years after WWII. No dessert at the time, so I drank water from the well with sugar in it. I drew well water with a bucket to carry to the bathtub. I went to the beach to collect shells to feed chickens together with weed and baked weatherfish I caught in the ditch beside my house. The first thing in the morning I did was to go to see whether they lay eggs. It was a long time ago when I was a child of eight, so my younger brother and sister didn’t know how our parents did work for us at the time.

Food crisis. I can’t stay doing anything just waiting for the doomsday. In the days of drought, people planted ”アワ” and “ヒエ” (Japanese millet). Tokugawa 8th Shogun Yoshimune (1684~1751)called people for planting “さつま” or “ satsuma” potatoes to make up for the food at the time of drought.

Anyway, I sowed millet seeds half a month ago while I was planning to buy seedlings of satsuma potato.
I know I will fail to grow millet. Always that way, when I started a new thing. This is because I am a person of “do now, think later”. I know why I have been that way. Lack of imagination, perhaps. Those who can look ahead would laugh at people like me. That’s OK as far as I’m concerned. The worst thing for me is not to fail but do nothing.

Japanese millet
the second harvest