My youngest son, one year in Tokyo, has lost some weight, smart slim or due to severe work?

One year has passed since our youngest son, graduating from university in Kyoto last year, went to Tokyo to work.

While browsing the website on Japanese popular Karaoke songs to sing with senior citizens in our population declining village, I happened to hit on the following song. This is the last part of the song sung by Sayuri Ishikawa, the top Enka singer in our country.

The snow remaining in the valley

The flying bird does not turn around
Leave itself to a strange sky
If a bird is hurt
If it falls on the soil
Remember the nest
Where you can’t reach
Recall the nest
The nest you never returns

( Zan setsu )
Remaining Snow

*Enka is a Japanese traditional style ballad that used to be very popular in the last century but its popularity has declined recently. Enka songs are still very popular at Karaoke among senior citizens as old as Enka songs.

Young people want to go to Tokyo leaving their hometowns, either local towns or suburban cities. Their parents miss them and sometimes ask them not to go. On the contrary, there are fathers and mothers who encourage them to go into the world of metropolitan Tokyo. Either way, dad and mom see their grownup kids off with some anxiety and some pride.

When I saw my youngest son on New Year’s Day, he was much slimmer. In a way, he became smarter, which showed at the same time how severe his work should be. Whatever or however he should be now, he is already out of my hand.