Kitchen garden

I bought sweet potato seedlings on the spur of the moment instead of gas for a portable stove I had gone to buy. It is almost off-season for planting the seedlings.

Nobuhiro Suzuki, Professor at Tokyo University, is the author of “食の戦争” (the war for food).

I watched his YouTube video. According to him, rice consumption has decreased because of pandemics and recession. People who lost their jobs have to eat only once a day due to their poverty.

If food security is not established, dangerous foods will gather in Japan. Nobuhiro Suzuki, Professor at the University of Tokyo Graduate School

The government has not tried to share the surplus rice with those hungry people. The government bought Ospreys but we can’t eat it when in need. The Japanese government doesn’t care for people. In a way, we have been occupied by the United States since the end of WWII.

We have to eat American beef fed with estrogen which is not sold there.
Facing the food crisis, we have learned that we can’t rely on our government. For this reason, I planted Japanese millet last month. And today, I bought seedlings and planted them in my garden.

There may be one good thing for the work other than expecting some food to grow in the garden. Now I have got something to talk with my neighbors about the way to start a Kitchen-garden.

Oh, one concern is that the strawberries expected to pick up for the second harvest were gone. Someone or some bird or snake might have taken it away? I may have to fight against nature for my last days. Worth it?