Taiwan President revealed her true identity? DoS said No support for Taiwan’s independence.

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Moet Fukada reads the meaning of the removal of crucial phrases on the DoS website. She said this might be done to see whether Ts’ai Ing-wen Taiwan is reliable or not. US has been suspicious of Taiwan as a backdoor agent for CCP. Ts’ai Ing-wen did not respond to the “favorable act of the Department of State by expressing her thanks for US supporting Taiwan’s independence. Why didn’t the president of Taiwan react to US?

DoS said to the press that US does not support Taiwan’s independence. No protest from Shinzo Abe and
Kim Bí-Lîng?

China rebukes the U.S. for changing Taiwan wording on State Department website
The State Department website’s section on relations with Taiwan has removed wording on not supporting Taiwan’s independence and on acknowledging Beijing’s position that Taiwan is part of China.


Five days later, the US said no change in the Chinese policy, which means the US would continue to support China. Again, no reaction from Taiwan where it should express its concern about the US recognition of China’s one-China policy.

Washington, May 10 (CNA) A United States official on Tuesday said the recent updates of a fact sheet on Taiwan-U.S. relations did not indicate a change in the U.S.’ Taiwan policy and simply reflected its “rock-solid” relationship with Taiwan.

This shows that Moet Fukada and Jason, CTO of her company, have been right in their analysis of the pro-CCP stance of Ts’ai Ing-wen. Once, Moet Fukada said that the President of Taiwan had ousted the Taiwan Independence Party. Moet and Jason have been trying to persuade the US administration into the correct understanding of Taiwan’s double standard policy. The act of DoS and later comment of DoS spokesperson Ned Price revealed that Moet and Jason were right and the US might change its policy toward Taiwan and China.

Moet wonders why the former Japanese PM, Shinzo Abe, and Kim Bí-Lîng, 金美齡, don’t show any reaction to those US actions. What does this mean? Can we rely on the most influential politician in Japan? I had expected him to work for a better economy and national security, but I began to suspect that he might have been working for US and China at the expense of people in Japan. One thing, though, is clear that Moet Fukada and Jason have gained the trust of the US Administration and others.