What is happening in Chinese universities? Tiananmen episode 2?

The following blog is based on Moet Fukada’s YouTube channel.

Sign of Xi Jinping being toppled? Demonstrations in China. Protest of Peking University Univ. The second Tiananmen?

People in China are not happy with Xi Jinping and the second Tiananmen might happen at any time.
She introduced the phrase Chinese students and people started to use as a kind of protest against Xi: “We are the last generation” (我們最後一代).

Moet said this expression has double meanings.
1. We are the last generation who may fail to protest against this oppression and should die
2. We are the last generation who will stop this oppression.

People in Shanghai started to openly protest against lockdown. Even the police threaten them to torment the three generations let alone themselves, they are not afraid any longer. The following is translated by MT.

People: “You are not qualified to forcibly take us away, sorry.”

Police: “I told you that I have informed you now. Be prepared. If you don’t follow the orders of the city government, right, you will be punished. After the punishment, it will affect your three generations.”

People: “This is our last generation, thank you.”


Students in the dormitories started to sing a song written by Beyond, a Hong Kong group, which had moved Hong Kong students during the 2019–2020 Hong Kong protests.

Glorious Years by Beyond
excerpt of some part
today there are only the remains of a shell
To welcome the glorious years
Hold tight to freedom in the wind and rain
A lifetime of loss and struggle
Confidence can change the future
Who else can accomplish this?

background (translated by MT)
From August 3rd to 6th, 1990, Wong Ka Kui went to Papua New Guinea with Radio Television Hong Kong’s “First Love Brigade” and witnessed the suffering of the local people due to war and famine. After returning to Hong Kong, Wong Ka Kui read the story of Mandela being imprisoned in the newspaper, which resonated in his heart. Wong Ka-kui believes that Mandela’s spiritual connotation is about resistance and hope, which coincides with Beyond’s hard work in Hong Kong, so Wong Ka-kui wrote the song “Glorious Years” [3] . This song pays tribute to the black leader Mandela, celebrating his lifelong efforts to eliminate racial discrimination in South Africa and achieve a democratic and free society.

Students of Peking University vs Vice Presidents of the university
Sudden: Peking University students shouted, Peking University vice president shouted |


Why does Xi Jinping do this seemingly stupid lockdown in big cities like Shanghai? He wants to enclose people in their residence not to go for demonstrations against “the emperor Xi Jinping” till he is selected as such.

The second Tiananmen movement could be followed by people in support of students?