Biden puts Korea over Japan? Visit Korea first, not Japan, different from the past practice.

Biden is coming to Japan after he goes to Korea. He is reported to talk with the business people in Korea. Most probably Korean semiconductor companies like Samsung Electronics will be at the meeting with Biden. The Korean new president belongs to the conservative party. That might be why Biden decided to visit Korea before Japan.
Most Japanese people believe that LDP, the present Ruling Party, is under the strong influence of the United States and that Japan will fight with the US when attacked by China. However, as Moet said, most LDP members are somewhat attached to CCP, either directly or through Taiwan.
The US Administration must know this through the briefings of Moet Fukada and Jason. Their briefings might have some influence on Biden’s visit to Korea and Japan.
The small number of Japanese conservatives are not happy with the present LDP, and they expect new conservative parties like “Sansei Party” and “Happiness Realization Party” will get seats in the House of Councilors in the coming election held this summer. Hiroyuki Oikawa, I often introduced in my former blogs, will run for the election from Happiness Realization Party.