New “Sansei Party” could invoke a storm in the coming election of the House of Councilors?

Those who don’t put trust in the TV are those who create TV programs. While we are producing TV programs, we chat among us, “we are telling just lies, right?” This, Akiko Fujimura said as a former TV scriptwriter. She will run for the July election as one of the 26 candidates of the Sansei Party. Sansei means Participation.

5,000 people joined the election fund party held at Pascifico Yokohama North. The multipurpose hall on the first floor has the capacity of 5,000 seats, which means “fully occupied” at the fund party. Some party members said, “the mountain has moved.”

1st-floor multipurpose hall fully occupied at Sansai Party fundraising party.

Shinsuke Nonaka is one of the candidates. I wrote some blogs based on his YouTube channel. He is a part-time hospital nurse. Some candidates are well-known on the Internet like Kunihiko Takeda. The party started their activities through the Internet. So if they could get some seats in the House of Councilors, the party could be called “a new party born from the Internet”.

I’m going to vote for the Happiness Realization Party of which Yukihiko Oikawa is an executive member.

Both parties are nationalists, not globalists, who are not satisfied with the present conservative LDP, which has taken an ambiguous stance to CCP China.

Some Sansei Party members are medical personnel who have questioned mRNA vaccines.

At long last, a real conservative party that cares about the country and its people should be born.