It’s hard to eat out with a 98-year-old mom, not because of pandemic.

It takes some time to take out mom to a shopping mall to eat lunch. If she does as I tell her to do, say, “you don’t have to take anything with you except for your facial mask and handkerchief. I’ll do whatever we have to. So, mom, you just go to the entrance”.

We can take a wheelchair on the bus. If we miss the bus, I have to take her in the wheelchair to the nearest station on foot. Today was such a day. We missed the bus and we didn’t have much time doing shopping after the sushi lunch.

We have to take a bus for a wheelchair, otherwise, I have to carry mom back home in a wheelchair on the uphill road to the end of our home. I did this several times before in the midst of the pandemic. It was a good exercise, though.

On those occasions, mom asked me, “Can you make it? It must be very hard.” Hearing mom, I shouted in my mind, “For god’s sake, be quiet, mom. I wish I could be strong enough to respond to you.”

At the platform, a station master asks me where we are going. Then he or she gets out of the station office with a board to connect to the train car.

The fact is that I don’t need it. I can get on and off the train with mom in the wheelchair. However, they insist on their job. If some accident happens when they allow me to do as I want, that is, if I get on and off the train with mom in the wheelchair without receiving their service, they will be sure to be banished by their bosses. “At your own risk” is unacceptable here.

In the Sushi restaurant, I wear a facial mask. However, here in Japan, our government decides where and how we wear masks and where we don’t have to. Nowadays going out in the hot humid summer, the government encourages us to put on masks outdoors in order not to get heatstroke.

Is this their job? What a peaceful country we live in! The leaders in this country should be enjoying instructing or ordering people to do this, and not to do that. They are enjoying seeing people obediently following them. Or, by any chance, are they themselves following the dark power behind the curtain?

Global warming, the corona pandemic, Ukraine Crisis, the Food crisis, and digital fascism, according to an international journalist, Mika Tsumi, are happening in the hands of the dark power.
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