The dark forces which have secretly been involved with the world affairs

Mika Tsutsumi. an international journalist, talks about the way to understand global issues. She cites three angles, that is, 1. follow money 2. who is involved with and 3. history of information control.

1. money moves
Every time a new global issue appears, big money moves.
Global warming has brought about CO2 emission trading. Al Gore was said to have been deeply involved with the trading.
The corona pandemic turned out to be a money maker for major pharmaceutical companies.
Ukraine crisis produced a lot of money to the defense industry.
The coming food crisis and digital fascism will also move money but for whom?

2. History of Information Control
GAFA has their own information regulation policy where the idea or opinion against their policy is labeled as fake and erased from their platforms. For GAFA, erased “news” are the news that has not happened, though it has, in the real world.

People are programmed to believe one-way information cooked up by GAFA. When Elon Musk criticized President Biden, Tesla stock was removed from S&P 500 ESG Index. He made “a goof” of supporting Trump by leaving the Democrat donkey.

When you write something negative on the Metaverse, it will not be there the next time you log on. Oh, mistake. The instant you press enter to post your writing, you will know it is not posted. Instead you might be directed to the “right place” for understanding or misunderstanding pandemic.

3. People behind the major global issues.
Mika Tsutsumi says the same people are always behind the different global issues. They are the people who plan, do, see, and get tons of money at the sacrifice of the mass. When you say, Trump has won the 2020 Election, their servant in your company will say, “You are fired.”

Mika says, behind the defense industries, pharmaceutical companies, and renewable industries which have exploited huge profit, Black Rock and Van Guard have accumulated their wealth for their client investors.

These black forces seem to be gaining momentum, and more and more bold.

Can we say, “tomorrow is another day”?