The stress I get from my mother may be her last present to her son.

My last stress comes from mom. She is going to be 100 in two years. My sons are all well, working at the places they chose. My wife, who I have been separated from for 18 years, works at a nursing college. So, my mom is the only source of my stress.

She has a tendency to blame others. The only person she can put blame on is her oldest son, that is, me. Now she has reached the old age which left her little to do by herself. That adds to her frustration and that is directed to me straight. Sometimes, I shouted back to her when I couldn’t stand the way she talked to me. That’s the way I blow off steam. I do this to protect myself. She soon forgets or doesn’t know why I blew off.

I learn three languages with young women teachers on Skype. I do web browsing every day to find the topic to write about for my English blog. On every sunny day, I go shopping for a two-hour bicycle. I join the Karaoke group once a week. I have stopped eating cookies. I do gambling in the name of forex, losing some money.

The only stress comes from mom. While thinking about the round-the-clock nursing care of my mother, I have begun to think that she has given me something to live for, that is, her care. That may be the last present from my mom.

While watching her, I have plenty of time to think about the way I can live till I go. Before I knew it, I might have learned how to turn stress into vitality.