New people’s party, a breath of fresh air for Japan?

People began to ask whether the Japanese government and politicians have been working for Japan or for other countries like US and China. Are they working for WHO under China and Bill Gates, not for the health of us people?

Sansaito Party was established two years ago, three months after covid-19 spread in Japan.

People started to know what the government had been doing was not for the people.

Sanseito’s first fundraising party held on May 8th was like Trump’s rally. See the photo (the photo posted is the rally in front of a railway station in Tokyo.) However, during the 6 hours in the big hall of PACIFICO Yokohama, eight speakers of different fields made speeches for as long as 6 hours with two musical performances in-between. No water, no meals served, served only information on various fields, crucial to understand the truth on present Japan and the world.

The participation fee was 20,000 YEN for regular seats and 100,000 YEN for special seats with 10,000 YEN for students. The total was around 800,000$ which would be used for the coming Upper House election this July.

Japan’s future should depend on their success. We need a kind of democratic revolution against the old establishment.

The following site is an interview video in which a new party member expressed his surprise at the speed of the expanded party popularity. I learned a lot from him about the exact death toll of covid-19 which could not be gained by the government data.

The darkness of Sanseito Party?  Faceless group??

Sohei Kamiya, one of the founding members, is a medical doctor in Osaka. Leaders in the party are all active in social media and have got to know each other there.

Board member, Sohei Kamiya, left.

The following is the machine translation of “about Sanseito Party” on their website.

To pass on this country, which our predecessors have protected, to the next generation.

Participating Party was made by volunteers from scratch with a sense of crisis that “in the existing party politics that prioritizes the interests of their peers, Japan that our ancestors have protected will be ruined.
Our party is a political organization. There is no specific support group or funding source. Ordinary people with the same thoughts gather, share their wisdom and money, and do party management on their own.