Foreign language learning for lonely people in the depopulated town

I don’t have close friends. My closest friends are dead now. I live in a population declining town with most of the people over my age. This is a small community so privacy is difficult to keep. This means we have to be careful not to say something “irregular” to other people.

Here comes the important role of language learning with young teachers in Asian or any other countries.

Even if what I say in class should be boring to them, they have to respond to me. They are teachers and I am their students.

I can talk with them about the things I won’t to my friends or acquaintances.

To talk with them, I have to think about what and how to talk. That will activate my brain.

My language teachers are all young and dynamic compared to the older people living in their final stage. I get stimulated through the exchange with them. Simply put, my teachers are trying to be better in their lives while many of the aged are more or less inactive, having little to do for society. Of course, there are many exceptions but difficult for us villagers to reach them.

Before we complain about where we are, we may try to find a way out. Now I think I am writing like “a guru of life”, but while writing this blog, I remembered the days when I complained a lot, especially at my workplace.

I remember one phrase which stopped me to complain. That was in my forties. A principal I knew once told me, ”Are you still complaining? I was ashamed to have been spitting out straight what was in my mind.

Negative words do not bring about anything good. When negative words pop up in my mind, I try to think that there should be some way out of this. Learning foreign languages with native speakers is my way out from little stimulated country life.