The Nikkei bomb to shatter Liberal Democratic Party for not supporting domestic companies but for allowing CCP through Taiwan to buy or steal Japan high tech.

Nikkei newspaper exposed! !! The automobile industry collapses! ?? Xi Jinping faction takes over Japanese company [Moe Fukada TV]

Finally, the Nikkei posted a warning article to Japanese readers, most probably to the ruling party and the bureaucrats. The article was about what Moet Fukada has repeatedly been ringing the alarm bell. The ruling LDP has put the gag law to the press against Moet Fukada. Then what happened at the Nikkei? Couldn’t they demand the Nikkei stop posting that article?

I suspect that the semiconductor and automobile companies and their workers might have gone beyond the limit of patience against pro-Taiwan politicians. Pro-Taiwan LDP politicians are supporting Chinese business people in Zhejiang Conglomerate group who came to live in Taiwan from mainland China. That means they are not Taiwanese but Chinese. That is, pro-Taiwan LDP politicians are actually supporting CCP who have openly claimed that Okinawa, as well as the Senkaku Islands, are theirs, not those of Japan.

People began to see what has been happening in Japanese politics which moved that Nikkei article and the new Sanseito Party to raise their voices.

The following is the part of the article for free.

[Taipei = Yutaka Nakamura, Hideaki Ryumoto] “Buying Japan” by Taiwanese companies does not stop. Since the acquisition of Sharp by Hon Hai Precision Industry in 2016, Taiwanese companies have strengthened their efforts by aggressively acquiring businesses from major Japanese electrical equipment manufacturers. Recently, however, Taiwan has expanded its target to promising automobiles in Japan and strengthened its efforts through collaboration. Experts warn against Taiwanese who are greedy for acquiring technology from Japan, saying that Japan’s sense of caution toward Taiwan is weak.
Nihon Keizai Shimbun