Is G. Soros waiting for World War Terminus?

Yukihisa Oikawa posted a YouTube video with the title “The world’s worst dangerous man, George Soros, spoke at the World Economic Forum at Davos.” 2022/05/25
Oikawa’s reasoning is this: Soros asked EU nations to make a federal state where each nation can not veto what the state decided. This means there would be no freedom in each state that makes up a federal-state..This is a sort of a closed society that is the opposite of the open society George Soros has put forward.

The world’s most dangerous man George Soros made a speech at the Davos meeting.

Mutsuo Mabuchi said in his YouTube video that Jewish Bolsheviks who established Soviet Union with Lenin fled to the States after being thrown out of Soviet Russia by Stalin. In the States, they came out to the political stage with Jewish money as the promoters of Neoconservatism. They were globalists who have been trying to establish a One World. George Soros was seen as one of the most influential proponents of this movement. How can he explain the relation between his Open Society idea and the Totalitarian society of One World?

According to Mabuchi, compared to Lenin who succeeded in the Bolsheviks’ revolution, Putin was more sympathetic to Stalin who proclaimed socialism in one country.

Ukraine Russia War is not the war of “Russia against Ukraine”. It was a war between Neocon America and Putin Russia.
George Soros made his intention clear in the Davos Meeting as follows:
“Therefore, we must mobilize all our resources to bring the war to an early end. The best and perhaps the only way to preserve our civilization is to defeat Putin as soon as possible. That’s the bottom line.”

His words showed that he was fueling the war, didn’t he?
However, Soros’ view on the present war situation may be mistaken. The Russian Ruble has soared up after being sold for a while. Koshiro Nishiyama, fund manager, told that the Ruble, a gold-backed currency, has been soaring.

So Yukihisa Oikawa expected that the ceasefire could be possible with President Erdogan’s mediation.

“Regarding to Ukraine situation, will Turkey’s mediation plan make a sudden turnaround peace?”

If Erdogan’s mediation should turn out failure, the World final war could arise as Mabuchi has long been ringing the bell with the biblical expression, Armageddon?