The weapons left over might be used to make people silent by the forces of darkness after Ukraine War.

Choyo (張陽) said on his YouTube channel that two chiefs of Europol and InterPole expressed their concern of the possible spread of weapons after the Ukraine War was over.

Will weapons provided to Ukraine go to the black market?

Europol chief Catherine De Bolle
Europol Worries Western Weapons in Ukraine Could Fall into Criminals

Jürgen Stock Secretary General of INTERPOL
Ukraine weapons will fall to arms traffickers after war, says Interpol chief

This is not the thing that might happen but the thing which should because President Zelensky asked Ukrainian men to fight against Russia with the weapons distributed by the government. Choyo said that one Ukrainian officer had sold the stolen American weapons of $500,000 value.

Biden continued to send weapons along with horrible money to Ukraine. Other western nations did the same. What would terrorists do with those handsome weapons given or sold to them?

In the 2020 US Presidential Election, the terrorist group in the name of BLM threatened pro-Trump residents with violence. Facing violence, people shut up. Pandemic showed that people became silent and obedient to the government pressure to get vaccinated.

Is this why D.S. sent the huge number of weapons, which had never been seen before? This is a conspiracy theory, I admit. However, we could say that the world would become more dangerous to live in because of the terrorists and their weapons?