Three things in common 1. global warming, 2. corona pandemic, 3. Ukraine crisis.1/3 The present blog based on Mika Tsutsumi’s PR video.

Mika Tsutsumi, an international journalist, talked about what has been happening in the world in one of her promotion videos. The following is the rough translation of her speech.
The global warming decarbonization campaign, the corona-virus pandemic, and the ongoing Ukrainian crisis have something in common.
They were one day, suddenly, widely reported in the media, and all at once in each country, they were reported in the daily news. And each of them becomes the highest priority of the policies of every government, and in a blink of an eye, it will inevitably change our lives and social and economic systems. In that sense, these are global events.

Do you think each of these incidents came from a different location?
In fact, there is no coincidence that these governments and the media do.
In these seemingly disjointed events, such as the Global Warming Campaign, the Arctic ice melts, making it extremely hot in the summer and extremely cold in the winter. As a result, humans, and animals cannot live on the earth. That makes a global issue.

The same thing is happening with the pandemic of the new corona virus. As it is, if the infectious disease spreads more and more, the city may have to be blocked. This way, we may have to do something together on a global scale.

The same is true for the Ukraine crisis. What is happening in Ukraine is not another person’s affair. We must decide now which side we have to stand on. And, we have to give more and more weapons to beat the other side. As a result, the global food crisis may come, as well.

All of these involve people from all over the world at once. And these events are, in fact, all connected behind the scenes.

For example, they have three things in common.

The first is that huge amounts of money move. For example, carbon dioxide is the cause of global warming, and the governments of each country have set goals for CO2 reduction.
In an international conference called COP, each government sets a reduction target. Emissions trading, a mechanism for purchasing emission credits from other countries when the regulation value is exceeded was born here. It was a financial product. This was a new dollar box that came out after the 2008 financial crisis.

It is a very famous story that former US Vice President Al Gore, who spread the warning about global warming to the world in documentary films, was involved in the emissions trading business. At the same time, it was through this warming business that China and Wall Street shook hands behind the scenes. The emissions trading business can be said to be a lucky mallet created by a global warming campaign.

The emissions trading business is just one of the huge wealth dollar boxes. In Japan as well, a purchase system for re-energy has been established. A huge amount of money moves there. Now, all governments have huge budgets for measures to minimize CO2 emissions.

Very big money moves in this way.

This is true not only for the emission credits but also for the new corona-virus pandemic. A very large amount of money is included in the government budget as a corona countermeasure cost. That money is flowing to a specific company or industry on a large scale.

So is Ukraine. Do you know how much money has flowed into the munitions industry during this Ukrainian crisis? In Japan, we cannot provide weapons due to constitutional restrictions, but a huge amount of money has been moved to Ukraine.
Even with the measures against corona, where the huge amount of money of 5 trillion yen was used is not explained. This matter was rarely reported in the media, but where did it go? There is no room for doubt that
a huge amount of money is moving.