Why Was Taiwan Left Out of the US-Led IPEF?


Some paper says that the exclusion of Taiwan was done not to make CCP unhappy or angry. Some wrote that the name Taiwan was not to be put in the list of IPEF member countries since that name was not used at WTO.

The following “key pillars” of IPEF were listed by Marc L. Busch who said that Taiwan’s exclusion was a mistake.

Excluding Taiwan from the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework is a mistake

The deal has four “key pillars:” (1) trade; (2) supply chains; (3) clean energy, decarbonization, and infrastructure; and (4) tax and anti-corruption.

Is it a mistake? Is it the concern about the CCP’s reaction? Is it the issue of Taiwan’s country name?

Moet Fukada seems to have the answer to this question.
The US administration began to suspect that Taiwan had been tied up with China and that the strategic supplies and others that the country had got from the West, mainly from Japan, were transferred to China.

TSMC produces high-tech semiconductor chips with the technology of the Japanese companies it has acquired with the support of the Japanese government. TSMC sold their chips to China with full acceptance of their demand while the chip producer limited the sale to the US and other nations in the world. Moet said that’s the reason for the world semiconductor shortage.

For the last ten years or more, Moet has tried to explain the way Taiwan companies had made use of Taiwan’s situation and “threatened” to be invaded by the CCP.

With the help of the West, Taiwan got or bought high technology from the West. Japanese excellent technologies were bought by Taiwan, supported by the Japanese Government and influential conservative politicians. Japanese bureaucrats and politicians had known this trick. Taiwan’s high-tech companies were sort of a conglomerate of Chinese kindred families, many of whom had crossed the Taiwan Strait from mainland China.

Moet said that the US Administration started to lend their ears to Moet when Moet’s grandfather’s main factory was burned out. In the Diet, Moet was accused of telling a lie about a Chinese man who, she claims, was a Chinese agent who got a false Japanese nationality.

With these appeals of Moet, the US administration believed that some strange things were happening with Moet. At the same time, the US began to suspect Taiwan might be doing some disadvantageous policy against the US. So they said, “that makes sense” when they heard Moet’s feeding.

The US decided to approach Korean semiconductor companies to tie with Intel Corporation which seemed to have changed its tie with TSMC. With this frame, Japan was out of the team. That’s why, in the startup of IPEF, Japan was not in the initial member countries like Taiwan.

Moet and Jason persuaded US saying that would make Japan closer to CCP, which should not help US.

That is all I understand about IPEF, most of which I learned from her YouTube videos.