Thanks, Elon Musk for worrying about Japanese drastic depopulation while our politicians don’t care about it.

The Japanese population will lose 50 million in thirty years from 125 million.
In one of the 3 primary schools in my town, first graders were only 1 last year and 2 this year. The same school I attended 70 years ago had three classes of 40 students each class.
In thirty years, I can easily guess that my district should disappear like many other rural areas in Japan.

The fertility rate has been declining and the Excessive deaths have been increasing. What’s the reason for this depopulation in Japan?

The total number of death for four years listed monthly. About four bars, from the left, 2022, 2021,2020, 2019.

1. People are getting poor in 30-year deflation.
2. Japan has lost the technology and goods by selling overseas, which made people poor and unable to raise children.
3. Excessive deaths in the last two years drastically increased just after the government asked us to get the vaccination in the middle of 2021. See the above table.

The above 2 and 3 were caused by the government’s poor policy. The government supported Taiwan and China while it didn’t finance the Japanese industry.
The government didn’t close the country at the start of covid-19 and half forced its people to get vaccinated or to follow the lock-down which played a negative role on the economy.

The government and the governors in local prefectures did force people to follow their regulations, which could be illegal in the light of the Constitution. In a sense, they proceeded with their policy as if they had been ascribing the extra power.

The newly started conservative political parties are all against the above-mentioned measures. If they get some seats in the Diet, we could see some hope for future Japan.

The decline in fertility rate is seen in most countries in the world. While the world population has been increasing, with the present worldwide declining fertility rate, the world population will start to decrease. What are those who cry for the increasing population planning to do behind the screen? That should be the most serious issue, shouldn’t it?


2022/04/21 Video Elon Musk again sounds alarm over depopulation

Citing Japan as a startling example of depopulation, Musk added that “ridiculous population estimates from the [United Nations]” should be “updated, because really, they don’t make any sense.”

2022/05/08 Elon Musk tweet Japan population

An Elon Musk tweet saying Japan would “eventually cease to exist” without a higher birthrate set off a flood of sarcasm and anger on Monday – though much of the anger was aimed at the Japanese government many said did little to address the issue.

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