The old political parties and the mainstream media are afraid of the new people’s parties?

I forgot the source of the following story. After the war, a British officer asked a Japanese counterpart who was caught as a POW why he could have worked to have Indian soldiers fight against us. He was wondering why a Japanese officer could be successful in leading the Indian troops which led to their independence while the Indian troops didn’t try to follow the British army. The Japanese officer was reported to have said that we treated Indian troops led by the British military as their friends when we had caught them as pow.
These stories were not allowed to be open till recently when those who wanted to know the truth in history dug the true history and made it published.

However, those truth-seekers were still minorities since people here or in Japan still put trust in the media and the government. Our media has reported the news they bought from the media in the West, mostly in the States.

Ukrainian losing the war? Western media changed their view on the war abruptly. The true war situation was not reported in Japan and the victory conditions of Russia. (Machine Translation)

They don’t ask why the patriot LDP does not care for the domestic companies, while the party and the bureaucrats finance Taiwan and China. The government said that China was an enemy country, but what they do is just the opposite. That is, people have been cheated by the pseudo patriots, but they never doubt that cold “fact”. Akio Toyoota got angry at the government policy but people don’t care about his anger.

Given Japan’s energy situation, which relies heavily on fossil fuels, Mr. Toyoda said at a meeting on the 9th that “cars made using that energy will not be able to be exported,” and carbon neutrality and domestic employment are closely related. I repeatedly told about it to the government, to which they didn’t lend ears. (Machine translation)

Liberals and conservatives look both corrupted by their money-oriented activities, not people’s well-being oriented. Japan is not a first or second-class country anymore. However, many people still believe that they live in a comfortable peaceful country. Those who blow a whistle are looked at as bizarre or astray.
However, finally, people began to see something is wrong. They got together to make a new people’s party which is ignored by the media and the politicians who should be afraid that these new parties may make a change in the society, more precisely at the coming House of Councilors election.

note: I searched the story of a Japanese officer who moved Indian soldiers to fight for the independence of India.

When Japan attacked Singapore during the Greater East Asia War, 50,000 Indians who were recruited on the British side were taken prisoners. A Japanese soldier named Iwaichi Fujiwara, 32 years old, fed them and took care of them. He was a person whose main activity was intelligence, but he gathered 50,000 prisoners of war in the stadium and gave a big speech, “You must fight for the liberation of India from now on.” Then, Chandra Bose, the leader of the Indian independence movement in Germany, was moved to Singapore by submarine, and he was the head of the Indian independence army of 50,000 people. That is the current Indian Army.