Mika Tsutsumi interviewed Sohei Kamiya on Food crisis.

Kamiya is the director-general of Sanseito Party and Tsutumi a global journalist.
They talked about the Japanese agricultural situation distorted by the global corporations that forced Japan to buy the leftover of pesticides and fertilizer not allowed to use in the Western nations.
People here get sick such as cancer, depression, and diabetes. That’s because they eat food made from unhealthy crops grown with those imported pesticides and fertilizers. I forgot to mention the corona vaccine which soared the death of Japanese since the government decided to have people get vaccinated in the middle of last year.

Fed with that food, we get sick and buy medicine. Japan is really a lucrative market for the world corporations.

Our government spent 80 trillion yen for the corona pandemic. With that money used for agriculture and others, people get healthy and don’t have to pay for the import of fertilizers, pesticides, and medicine.

With four hundred billion yes, we could have all the school kids in Japan eat organic food for one year.

However, we can’t grow vegetables in polluted soil. It takes three or four years to make an organic plant.

To this, Kamiya suggests that we use fallow soil which spreads all over Japan because of the yearly decreasing farmers and the government’s anti-reduction policy.

Farmers and researchers in agriculture have tried to develop various products in many parts of Japan. They have made unique crops suitable for each district, so if one crop does not grow for some reason, then the other crops should be grown in the other districts. Japanese Island is uniquely vertical long so that different districts could produce different products.

For the last 150 years, Japan has been under the strong influence of the West, especially under the world businesses. If we could succeed in returning to the old systems our ancestors created and lived under the unique Japanese societies with the knowledge we have learned in the modern civilization, we could re-establish the nation for us, the Japanese people.

This might be a very dangerous idea for Deep State, so Sanseito Party and similar groups would be heavily attacked by the smart high-tech super-rich people in the West.