This morning, in her video channel, Moet seemed to be shivering with anger against a minister.

This morning, Moet Fukada talked about Koichi Hagyuda, raising her voice on her morning talk channel.
Koichi Hagyuda, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, made a speech at TSMC Japan 3DIC R&D Center Opening Ceremony at Tsukuba City, Ibaragi Prefecture. 2022/06/24

He was reported to have said as follows:
“The Japanese semiconductor industry, which once swept the world, has declined significantly. Reflecting back on the past, we have found the possibility of international cooperation. We would like to make innovations of 3D packaging technology with the support of Japanese equipment and material makers.”

Moet asked, “reflecting back on the past?”. What past? “ We have found the possibility of international cooperation”? Does that mean Japanese semiconductors did not care about international cooperation in the past? “No Way!”

The fact was just the opposite. In the 1980s, because of the soaring Yen, those companies transferred their factories to Taiwan, China and Korea.
Japanese companies’ development was interfered by the US government during Japan-US semiconductor negotiations and by the treaty concluded in 1986. That’s the reason “The Japanese semiconductor industry “has declined significantly”.

Our minister didn’t know this history, or knowingly told such a lie? Or just a fool? Moet asks. “Minister, you should go back to the former minister of Education and work there on the controversy over school text

Once Moet said, “Taiwan lobbyists warned the US for the risk of Japan monopolizing the world market while the lobbyists told Japanese politicians that Taiwan is the most pro-Japan country. That way they tried to drive a wedge between the US and Japan. They came to Japan to request the pro-Taiwan ruling party politicians to support their companies.

Their relations with Japanese politicians have continued to the stage Japan sold most of the high-tech industries to Taiwan at the cost of the domestic companies. You could easily guess how much money Japanese “patriotic” politicians who continued to betray their own country got from the Taiwan mafia in the name of TSMC.

You will know how angry Moet was when she learned about Hagyuda’s speech. At least, that was what I thought during her talk on her channel.

Hey, Minister Hagyuda, Is it a lie, a misunderstanding, or a fake?