One unique middle-size city of which population has been increasing does not see other cities following suit with their way. WHY?

The population has been decreasing in Japan like the other nations. Akashi City in Hyogo Prefecture is the only exception with an increasing population for the last 9 years under Mayor Fusaho Izumi.

Akashi City, population increase for 9 consecutive years, over-migration, 982 people from other cities and towns in the prefecture

When his policy was criticized on a popular TV talk show in which a commentator said that the city’s success was realized by the city civil engineers’ lower salary, the mayor protested that was not true. The TV crew did not come to the city to check or interview the city authorities.

In addition, Mayor Izumi said, “Akashi City has doubled the child’s budget by” managing money “, realized “five measures for free” without “any income restrictions”, and” revitalized the local economy “, so it is a virtuous cycle. There is no minus effect to the elderly, the infrastructure development, and the treatment of civil servants” He emphasized, “That’s why people appreciate it.”

The Akashi City measures have been taken up by the media. This is a unique success story in a country of the worst population decrease in the world. Then, why doesn’t the government try to support them and encourage the other cities to follow the city? Instead, the government has made many measures to invite people from abroad, which was at the expense of the Japanese people, using their tax money.

This is a big why. There seems to be a group of people in high places who get lots of money through migrant business. They opened doors for emigrants to come to Japan with the help of their recruiters. That means those who want to emigrate to Japan have to pay some money to their recruiters. While the recruiters have to pay money to the Emigration-related office whose bosses are from those in high places in the government or politician groups. Emigrants have to go to Japanese language schools to which their recruiters or some other agents introduce the emigrants. Then the language schools will pay thank-you money to the recruiters. In return, the schools get tuition from emigrants.

Those in high places who get money in the emigration business don’t care about the increasing risk of crimes by foreigners. They don’t care those emigrant workers lower the wage other Japanese people get. For foreign students, the government supports them with lots of money for free while many Japanese university students have to pay back their loans in the name of scholarships after graduation from university. The people in high places don’t care about the Japanese students whose parents support the government by paying taxes. Those in high places get money from the emigration business. After all, they can’t get a kickback for supporting domestic students.

The same or similar things have been repeatedly done by those in power. We call such a country “the third world” where rotten politicians are doing breach of trust for free passes. Unfortunately, we see this type of rotten government almost everywhere in the present world, some use violence to threaten people to obey the power.

Back to Akashi City. If the other cities follow Akashi Method, spending lots of money on parents and their children, increasing the population, that means, those in high places can’t get a kickback from Akashi Method. With Akashi method, the government would have to spend money on education in Japan. That’s why the government doesn’t encourage the other cities to follow Akashi. The big business will have to raise pay for Japanese workers if they can’t employ foreign low-wage workers. The media sponsored by the big companies will not ask the other cities why not follow Akashi if population decline is really the issue in Japan.

I could not have believed when young that Japan was run by so many rotten politicians and bureaucrats.

The summer of the Bureaucrats will come again with the rising people’s parties.

Novel: “The Summer of the Bureaucrats” (官僚たちの夏)
The novel “The Summer of the Bureaucrats” is one of the masterpieces of the writer Saburo Shiroyama. In the 1960s during the high-growth period, in the midst of the offense and defense with the political and business world over policy, we have a firm belief that “we are hired by the state, not by the minister”, and we are moving forward. It’s a story of a unique trade bureaucracy.

USSR Collapsed in 1991. The population was decreasing till Putin became the President in 2001. The Russian population started to grow in 2007 which showed a decline over the last few years.
Japan: The population started to decline in 2007 with this trend continuing till now.
Top chart
Akashi City’s population yearly increased for nine years.

Bottom chart
blue column: move-in citizens
yellow column: move-out citizens