Present distant thunder soon should be the roaring one. — The case of US National Security with Moet Fukada a witness.

The access analysis of my blog surged yesterday. Was I glad about this? No, on the contrary, I suspected Chinese agents might have looked up “Moe Fukada”, which took them to me. Is this what happened?

This morning I thought that I should be mistaken while watching the most recent YouTube clip. In this Moet Fukada mentioned CBN news in which she and her business partner were taken up along with Harada Yoshiaki, LDP Diet member.

The CBN news was broadcast one day after I posted my blog on her. CBN viewers might have searched “Moet Fukada” and accessed my blog. Is this the reason for the viewer’s surge?
note: CBN uses “Moet” instead of “Moe” for Ms Fukada’s first name).

Moet Fukada seemed to have finally found her lawyer in Harada Yoshiaki, Diet Member and lawyer. Till then she said she had decided to defend herself when no lawyer should dare to come to support her. No lawyer either from Liberals or conservatives. Is this because of what we call “Silent invasions”?

We will soon see the roaring thunder, not the distant thunder we see now.

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