After viewing a Japanese version of BookTube, I saw a hallucination of Japan’s future.

The Japanese “Book Tube” which I guess has the most viewers should be that of Takemi and Ryo who post their YouTube videos every day for 3 years since May 28, 2019.

The ten videos which have been listed are all beyond one million times. 4,217,181 – 1,247,458.
Today, I happened to view the video on food served in restaurants. While viewing it, people living in the country may be more protected from that unhealthy food than city people.

The video title was taken from the book he took up for his video: “Actually, this is a more scary story that is too dangerous to hear at the forefront of the food service and ready-to-eat industry”

This is the truth about eating out. If you continue to eat something like this, you are sure to get sick.

Why did I think it may be more comfortable to live in rural areas than in big cities?
1. Fewer restaurants.
2. The restaurant owners know their customers in person.
3. Food brought up in farming areas can reach them directly more often than city residents.
4. Country people can grow vegetables by themselves if they have to.
5. Houses in rural areas are generally more spacious than those in cities so that they don’t have to turn on air conditioners as often as city people.
6. No heat-island phenomenon in the country.
7. In rural areas, people know each other, even policemen, so it may be safer to live there.

The catchphrase for the book or the video I viewed this morning is, “You can’t eat it anymore after reading this book! Large amounts of additives, unknown raw materials, sloppy hygiene, foreign matter contamination.”

Many YouTube video creators, including medical doctors, have warned about unhealthy food, including the food served in eating out. Because of the government’s lenient regulations on food, “additives, unknown raw materials, sloppy hygiene, foreign matter contamination”, they say the patients of cancer have increased rapidly while the number of cancer patients has decreased in the United States due to the awakened people who demanded the government to limit the use of that unhealthy food and materials, to grow food with fewer pesticides.

The major stockholders for most of the big Japanese companies are foreign capital, who have a great say for our government as well as the companies. The foreign capital asks the Japanese companies and the government to use lots of harmful products imported from the West. So we can’t trust our government and big businesses. What we can do is learn what is good and what is not by ourselves.

“For with much wisdom comes much sorrow;
the more knowledge, the more grief”
. ( Ecclesiastes 1-18 Ecclesiastes)

“The more knowledge, the more grief”. OK, but what if we were not accessible to the knowledge? My bizarre imagination suggests that we might follow the same fate with once peacefully living people in Inca Empire completely destroyed by the West.

Is this a so-called visual hallucination? I may have reached that age.