Breaking News! Shinzo Abe shot at Nara City while campaigning for the day-after election.

Breaking News! Shinzo Abe was shot by a shotgun while campaigning for the Election. This happened when I was writing a blog for today.

Last night, I posted a short comment on the former prime minister. I wrote, “don’t vote for LDP”.

“To English-speaking people, read Nikkei Asia if you are interested in the semiconductor issue in Japan. I suspect the article was released because of the hard pressure from the States.”

(the following is the MT translated English)

TSMC run away with Japanese tax money?
Who took 3.4 billion US? By any chance, Minister X?

I can’t keep silent anymore. Don’t vote for the House of Councilors election or the Liberal Democratic Party.
Look at Nikkei Nikkei Asia where the former Prime Minister, who is highly trusted as a patriotic conservative, was actually a traitor. After reading Nikkei Asia in English, see the commentary by Moet Fukada. The fact that Moe Fukada has consistently shouted (a gag order not to talk to Moe Fukada has been issued within the LDP) has finally reached the final stage of reality. I don’t know if the Nikkei article was in response to American distrust of Japanese politicians, but I see it as possible.”

This is really shocking. LDP would win a landslide on the day-after election day. The ruling party would collect sympathy votes. Also, the new parties may lose their momentum for their election campaigns. Will the party tainted by patronage and corruption win a landslide?

Nikkei Asia
Will TSMC take Japanese taxpayer money and run?

Fukada Moet. tv