The death of Shinzo Abe, good news or bad news?

I’m biased. My friends know this. So my blog may mislead you. Sorry about this. If you continue to read this, please do it at your risk.

Words of condolence for the unexpected death of the former prime minister are flowing on the TV screen. Does this show the true feelings of Japanese people?
Some people should say “No!”. I happened to drop in a coffee shop where two customers in their fifties were criticizing Shinzo Abe, saying that people should be happy about his death.

Even Mrs. Akiko Abe, his wife, must be delighted with her husband’s death?!. One person involved in “Moritomo School case” committed suicide forced to write a false document by his boss after the case was revealed. *

* On the other hand, Akie (Shinzo’s wife) also gets sick of her husband who suddenly began to annoy her. She can’t drink her favorite liquor freely, and can’t meet her friends. Recently, in most of the hotels the couple traveled to, they stayed in separate rooms. Even when they returned to his hometown of Yamaguchi at the end of the year, Akie did not stay at his parents’ house, and she bothered to stay at a hotel in Kitakyushu.

The so-called Abenomix turned out to be a disaster with the Japanese economy brought to ruin. The main structure of Abenomix consisted of three strategies named “three arrows”:

1. Bold monetary policy is often referred to as “unconventional qualitative easing policy”
2. Flexible fiscal policy
3. Growth strategy to encourage private investment.

1. The first arrow has been executed even now, depreciating the Japanese yen until the day BoJ can’t raise the bank rate. If it should be raised, Japan would be bankrupt loaded with lots of debt which has been swollen up with the raised interest payment.
At the start of the “unconventional QE”, Koshiro Nishiyama, fund manager, said that BoJ had taken the policy of no return or the way Japan can’t go back.

2. At the initial stage of the second arrow, it worked. However, this policy was stopped due to pressure from the Ministry of Finance.

3. This was not executed. On the contrary, the government, especially the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has taken the policy of selling Japanese excellent high-tech companies to Taiwan.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare still asks people to get vaccinated even though the country has suffered much less than the US and European countries. Many people suffered from side effects but the negative news about the vaccine can’t be broadcast in the mainstream media. Lots of people have lost their business due to the “recommendation” or “instruction” of the government local and national.

Some medical institutions and doctors on TV have got money while small restaurants and their workers have been in the plight of the government policy on the pandemic.

The magma of people’s frustration has been waiting for their explosion. That’s what came to me while listening to the two people’s conversation on the assassination of the former prime minister.

These two people, I know in person.