Finally from man-powered to battery-assisted bicycle.

To buy a battery-assisted bicycle or not to has been what occupied my mind for some years. I finally decided to buy one and today paid for it.

I began to feel too hard to go up the mountain pass by bicycle for shopping. Besides, I can go anywhere faster with the new bicycle than riding an ordinary bicycle. My mother can’t wait for me too long since she can hardly walk around my house. The battery-supported bicycle might be beyond my budget in the coming inflation. That’s why I bought a new bicycle.

One thing I am concerned about is whether I can retain my present physical strength without bicycling hard with a regular bicycle.

Another worry is the depreciation of the Japanese Yen. If the downtrend continues, I may have to cancel Asian language studies because of the expected tuition increase. Learning and talking with young people in Asia is one way to keep me away from dementia. Without them, I have few people to talk with daily. That will make me lose my communication skill in addition to the chance to talk with other people.

So my next challenge will be how I can keep my physical and mental strength without the chance to ride a man-powered bicycle and talk with young people on Skype.