What an appliance store owner talked to me was more interesting than the police talk

Three policemen often came to talk about the security at our activities like the elders’ party, Karaoke party, a serve food gathering, etc.

The recent police talk was about a burglary in the city next to our town.

Today, I visited an appliance store to learn about the way to set a security system in my house.

He talked about the burglary cases. Every time the case occurred, he was asked to set up a monitoring system. The culprit who took the boat away has not been arrested. How he or she did it is not known yet. The warehouse had several private rooms so we may call it an apartment-type warehouse. One of the rooms is used as a second house with water and other facilities to stay there. Those who stay there might go fishing at the port next to the warehouse.

In another district in the town located on the mountainside, a farmer had the tractor and other agricultural tools stolen from the warehouse. Only those that made money were stolen.

At two sites in our town, the appliance store owner was asked to establish a monitoring system by the groups of residents.

An old woman had the wallet stored on the first floor stolen by a burglar while she was fixing the second-floor window. She lived in the area with a few people. She was terrified by the case since she lived alone. Given a suggestion by policemen, she set up a security camera. This was several years ago when some houses in the area were broken in.

Policemen move in and out of the town regularly. However, the store owner has seen the town and people, many of whom have been there since they were born.

In the next meeting of leaders in our district, I will propose that we invite the store owner to make a speech on the security situation of our district.