Who killed Shinzo Abe?

JFK was killed by Oswald ?
Shinzo Abe was shot by Tetsuya Yamagami?

According to the Nara Medical University which treated the Former Prime Minister, no bullets were found. Is there something bad when that bullet was revealed?

Why was Shinzo moved to Nara Medical University by a helicopter from the top of a building taking one hour, not to Nara Medical Center, located a four-kilometer away from the site of the shooting? Was he dead on the spot, but needed to kill time e before his wife arrived at the hospital? No staff was there at Nara Medical Center?
*Nara Medical Center used to be a national institution while Nara Medical University is run by Nara prefecture.

Who ordered to take Abe to Nara Medical University far away from the assassination spot?

Why was his blood not seen on the site? Or did people see it there?

Reporter: The criminal shot him from the back of former Prime Minister Abe, slightly to the left and below.

Doctor: The ammunition was done from the front, slightly to the right, and above former Prime Minister Abe.

The doctor who treated Shinzo said the bullet passed from his neck to the heart, from upperside, neck, to downside, heart. How could the criminal shoot that way when Shinzo was making a speech on a platform while the criminal was standing on the ground?

This may be a mystery. If there were some other man or men involved with the assassination, who could they be?

Who wanted Shinzo Abe to die?

Abe and his group have supported Taiwan and Xi Jinping, using Taiwan as a backdoor. If this is true, anti-Xi Jinping Chinese communists may have a motive for his murder.

The US CIA agents might have done this assassination directed by Deep State? Shinzo Abe was a nationalist like Putin.

Some Japanese ultra-right group did this? They might have decided that Abe betrayed them and Japan to make China stronger?
The old tie of the Abe family with Zhejiang chaebol both in mainland China and Taiwan through Opium concession has long been working till the present day?

What we know is maybe that we will have to be prepared for whatever comes.

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