The only way to get out was to be a member of parliament.

When you try to do your best for your country and was involved by the dark side of society. You could ask for help to the police or politicians who are known as patriotic people to work for the happiness of the people. Then you will know the staggering fact that those patriotic public servants are deeply connected with the dark side you complain about or attack. You will be the person to be attacked, not to be defended.

Moet said she started to fight against a Chinese agent. She thought she was fighting against him at first. Then she knew the Chinese mafia group was behind him. She started to fight against the Chinese mafia named Zhejiang chaebol and TSMC. Then she thought Japan had to get rid of their activities in Japan.

At that time, she was thinking she was fighting for her own country. Then to her surprise, she was examined by the police and summoned by the Public Prosecutors Office in Tokyo. She had almost to be imprisoned. She was released, probably with help from the US side? Or she was better prepared for the court by the Chinese mafia?

She asked the help from the conservative patriotic politicians whose head was former prime minister Shinzo Abe. But Shinzo as the leader ordered his group not to support Moet (my guess). Then she learned that the Chinese mafia and Shinzo Abe’s group were connected with each other for stealing Japanese tax money.

This morning, she took out Yoshikazu Higashitani as one special example of a person like Moet.
Ga-see, his alias, was popular as a man who dug out the scandal of famous people. He could not continue to attack famous people at the risk of being arrested in Japan. So he escaped to Dubai staying there where they posted the scandals on YouTube which he had gotten thru his business.

He took out the dark side of celebs. He wanted to come back to Japan but he couldn’t. The only way left for him to return to Japan was to be an MP or member of parliament. He made it this time without doing an ordinary election campaign, touring around the country. He just posted his expose on YouTube.

He revealed the dark side of Japanese society and could not stay in the country. How did he solve the problem? By becoming an MP!! Moet was attracted by his scheme. However, if one could think of becoming an MP, almost all the people could make it. That’s where she was fascinated with his episode. She had a similar experience once.

She said she could be in that situation any time again.

Fukada Moet, Morning Talk
About Mr. Ga-see, the scandal exposes YouTuber, now MP