Now is the time that we, as town people, will have to think together of what we could do to survive this age.

This morning, Fujitsu’s notebook PC was delivered. I wanted to create a movie to run for the coming election of the local assembly members if I could afford to pay for entry.

What I want to see in my home town is to establish the town of home gardens. If a serious food crisis hit us, people in a panic might do anything to get food for their families. Some of them might steal vegetables from their neighbors’ home gardens. The town of suspicion and hatred may destroy the community. It takes time to grow food in the home garden. It takes time to make a community of trust by sharing ideas and info on farming. If we have come to the stage in which food is available in the town, people could afford to help those who can’t grow themselves with various physical or mental problems. We don’t know what is in store for us in this volatile aging society of pandemic, depopulation, dementia, war, and serious diseases in addition to the food crisis.

I am thinking of Sri Lanka reported being in virtual bankruptcy which asked civil servants to come to the workplace four days a week. On the other days of the week, they are encouraged to work in farming involved with small organic farming. “Organic” farming? This is because the fertilizer and agricultural chemicals won’t be imported or if imported, too expensive for Sri Lanka and Japan.

Mika Tsutsumi suggested that some dark power that has been moving the world might be planning to abolish the livestock industry. In the US and in Japan as well, chickens suffering from avian influenza have been destroyed by the authorities. Those chickens don’t infect humans. They could be consumed by humans? Many pig farms are reported to have been burned for unidentified reasons. Why have these simultaneous occurrences been occurring in the world?

Facing serious problems with which we now know our government won’t be able to deal, we in a small rural town should decide what we could do. I am not the type of leader. But I would like to do what I could for my town and for my kids.