Who killed Shinzo Abe? Deep State? Then why?

The following is the translation of a part of the reprinted article from Sakai Tanaka’s blog.

Sakai Tanaka said that it was the US neoconservatism group that killed Shinzo Abe.

In 1964, the U.S. intelligence community (military-industrial complex) killed President Kennedy, who had been against their activities but at the same time, the intelligence community promoted the vice president to become the next president. It made them possible to take the plunge of what Kennedy tried to prevent, such as the rekindling of the Cold War and the intensification of the Vietnam War. That was the purpose of Kennedy’s murder (although the Vietnam War then became bogged down and entered the tide of hidden multi-polarism that self-destructed US hegemony).

The killing of Abe this time is similar to the killing of Kennedy. It is highly likely that the US intelligence community (military-industrial, neoconservative) directed the man to murder Abe. They killed Abe in order to crush Japan’s U.S.-China affiliation line laid by Abe, and at the same time make Kishida their puppet, and let Kishida take the opposite of Abe’s line to strengthen the Russia-China hostility.

Kishida abandoned the Abe scheme and strengthened his hostility toward Russia, guided by the United States. However, that only meant that Japan would be economically retaliated against by Russia and would be in poverty. The neo-conservatives that dominate the U.S. intelligence and the Biden administration are hidden multi-polarization followers, so in order to strengthen Russia and promote multi-polarization, Japan and Germany are crushed by self-defeating policies against Russia and China.

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