One good thing I may get even with the far fewer votes I got.

As I wrote in the last blog, my first challenge was unsuccessful. The other candidates got at least 700 plus while mine was 2010 votes.
My relatives who worked hard for me had said before votes counting that I would get at most 100 or 50 votes. So they now say much better than expected. This means I can stay as a challenger for the general election to be held next April.
If one gets a poorer result than mine, the deposit of 15,000 yen is not refunded. I was lucky to have enough votes to be refunded along with other expenses to the upper limit of 2 million yen plus.
That means in every election, tax money is paid to the candidates who just shout through the microphone. Only name shouting without any content. I think we can see the waste of tax money.