Post election: Office work is what tortures me.

Office work is the last thing I love. After the election, I have to fill in the designated accounting report. While filling out the report, the battery-assisted bicycle came to mind. I bought it a few days before the announcement of the election. Without it, I could not do all the job of contacting a printing service company in Wakayama City or Regional Legal Affairs Bureau in Kishiwada City. I paid the purchase fee for the new bicycle at a nearby convenience shop, whose receipt I have lost. I asked the bicycle dealer to send me a receipt in the attachment file. If that is accepted, I could save 170,000 yen.
Other than that, I spent less than 4,000 yen on newspaper leaflets. 55,000 yen for printing leaflets is to be paid to the printing company from the town office.

What should I do for the general election held in April, next year? I will move people with my “excellent” speech in a public hall. However, the hall I want to use is a district hall for its residents. I go to sing Karaoke every Thursday in that hall but I am not a resident in the district. I checked the town’s public halls. We can use the hall by paying less than 5,000 yen under the following three conditions.
1. not for profit
2. not for the interests of a particular political party
3. not for religious matters

OK, people will know who I am if they could come to hear me.