Take a step forward, and we will see a whole new world.

After the election, I got an e-mail from a man who used to attend the Christian church where I met him. It was fifty years ago. We would not meet again if I did not run for the election. He said he was not a good student in his teens. He started his life from scratch. Step by step, he has established his career, trying different jobs. He has got many friends. He said he needs people he can work with. The day may come I could help him.
I was surprised to learn from him that the man who became a Christian pastor in Hawaii with his family after serving as a pastor at our church, now stayed in the neighboring city. My oldest son, now a teacher of English at a high school, once stayed with them for a week in Hawaii. They have got US nationality so they are Americans. All of their children live in the States as Japanese Americans.
Many good memories came to me. I had not expected this development.
If we take risks by going a step forward, we could see what we have not expected, good or bad. Otherwise, we will enter the wide gate like the other numerous people do, safe and boring.