Are we going to live as boiling frogs till the end?

Sorry. I know I’m disorganized today.

When covid-19 started to terrorize people in the world, Japan seemed to be free of the pandemic. People in the other world began to wear facial masks believing that Japanese people were not so affected by covid-19 because they quickly started to wear masks.
Three years have passed since then. The vaccination rate of Japan is higher than most other countries though they started to get vaccination late. Now, the number of infected people is soaring. This means wearing facial masks does not work to protect from getting the infection. Then why do they still wear masks even in hot weather? Why do they wait for the government to announce when to wear masks and when not?
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare was found to distort the data useful to analyze the effect of the vaccination. By being pointed out this mistake, they made an apology and produced the proper data from the middle of April, this year.
The data after that began to show that those who did not vaccinate were less infected than those who took second and third shots. Then, the ministry decided to cut the data crucial to understanding the effect of the vaccination. They say those in charge of public health are too overloaded. To mitigate their workload, the ministry decided not to ask for the submission of that particular data. Very thoughtful isn’t it?

What does all this mean? People do not raise questions. The information the mainstream media distribute is biased. They use the word “conspiracy theory” to the theory they negate. However, the moment you say that’s a “conspiracy theory”, further discussion or analysis stops. The word conspiracy theory does not mean anything except it is the weapon of those in power.
If we don’t ask questions or raise our voices as we have been, we will realize, but too late, that boiling frogs have to face death in the end.