Falsification of data by the ministry but for what?

Who pointed out the misleading data of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare? Seiji Kojima, emeritus professor of Nagoya University, asked a member of the Diet to question the data format of the ministry. The ministry changed the format from inserting the group who didn’t remember the date of the shot to the non-vaccination group to the vaccination date unknown group.

Even if vaccinated, not counted in the group of the vaccinated, what’s behind this misleading by the bureaucracy?

Seiji Kojima had wondered why the Japanese data was quite different from those of other countries. He thought Japanese people might be different in some way from those in other nations. Then he found the data format of the ministry.

Red: non-vaccinated. blue: took the first and the second vaccination.

After the second shot, immunity weakens, that’s why the two shots do not work well against the Omicron virus. That should be shown in the data on the ministry’s website, which had shown any change. Seiji Kojima was wondering why this was the way while the other countries showed weakened immunity.

However, one question remains. If the group of the shot date unknown is added to the two-shots group, the data should transform to the disadvantage of the ministry which has called for the vaccination of the Japanese, young or old.
It would show the more vaccination you get, the more likely you will be infected.

This may not be open to the public without the whistleblower who dares risk his/her life.

Oh, one more critical question left. Why did the ministry show misleading data? The answer should be easy. That way, the ministry could tell people more vaccinated, and less infected. Why on earth does the ministry want the Japanese to get shot? To use or consume all the vaccines the country has imported? Or the government has been threatened by some outside forces to use up all the vaccines Japan has bought?

The ministry has found a very nice strategy: not to reveal the related data or the comparison of the number of vaccinated people and non-vaccinated. The ministry says it will give too much of a burden on the health workers who are in charge of data management. What a considerate ministry we have!


The following is taken from the Prime minister’s cabinet page: We won’t be able to see the effect of vaccination any longer by omitting the data on the comparison of the infected and non-infected. The ministry decided not to show that part of the data because they’ve got to know that the number of the non-vaccinated who show corona positive is getting smaller and smaller than that of the vaccinated.

Measures to further reduce the burden on medical institutions and public health centers according to the characteristics of Omicron strains

* “Items further reduced” include the date of diagnosis, the date of collection, the date of onset if symptoms are present, the number of vaccinations, detailed addresses such as street addresses, and furigana of names.