People say election needs money. In what way?

General elections require lots of money. When I heard this, I thought politicians will not be elected without money. This may be true, but governments also have to use tax money to carry out elections.
I went to the local government to submit the document on the cost I took for the election. I just wrote the cost for printing and for leaflets in newspapers. The staff in election management suggested I add labor costs. He wrote me a sample form as well.

Putting posters in 85 areas in town and pasting an admission seal to 1,600 leaflets, in addition, distributing leaflets door to door, these are the main work done by my relatives. 2 people 2 days for putting leaflets in 85 spots, 3 ladies 1 day for adding admission seal to all the leaflets, and 1 man one day for distributing leaflets.

2 x 2 = 4 days
3 x 1 = 3 days
1 x 1 = 1 day
totl 8 days
one day 10,000 yen
total 80,000 yen

The other candidates rent a car, employ announce lady, driver, and possibly the work I don’t know.
The limit we can get for running is around 2,300,000 yen for each candidate.
The deposit we pay in advance is refunded if the vote a candidate gets is over a certain limit.
That money may be a burden for the local government. In the election next April, candidates will fight for 11 seats. That means more than 20 million yen the government has to pay. Pay for the noisy loudspeaker shouting the name-calling of the candidates. If I get a seat, I would take out this issue and will be an outcast from the other members of the parliament.